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„Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.“

Theodore Isaac Rubin


Employees in „ELEVATOR doo“ are professionally trained to provide each of this services to our clients for all types of hydraulic and electric lifts, platforms, platforms for people with disability, escalators and moving walks, lifts and cranes, and other devices for horizontal, inclined or vertical transport of people and goods.


„ELEVATOR doo“, for the purposes project designing have full-time employed graduate mechanical and electrical engineers with licenses given by serbian engineer chamber. Decades of experience in project designing is guarantor in selection of the best and most optimal solutions for all types and kinds of lifts and for all types of facilities.


"„ELEVATOR doo" has good business relations and contacts with a number of manufacturers of the elevator equipment, such as Schindler, Kleemann, Metron...

For modernization or repair, we also have excellent business relations with a large number of manufacturers of elevators equipment, parts and devices.


"„ELEVATOR doo" have full time employed experienced installers for installation and servicing of all type of lifts. Also, "„ELEVATOR doo" is a certified installer of the elevator equipment for one of the largest manufacturer "Schindler".


„ELEVATOR doo“ maintains a large number of lifts, which was delivered and installed in residential and commercial facilities as well as lifts from other manufacturers, in accordance with the ordinance on elevator security. Besides the maintenance of transport equipment for persons and cargo, „elevator doo“ gives complete maintenance of residential buildings.


Besides installing new ones, "„ELEVATOR doo" provides services in the modernization or rebuilding a lift. Many good and well performed modernizations, guarantee that your lift over longer period will be as reliable functioning and safe to use.


Highly qualified electrical and mechanical engineers, with licenses given by Serbian engineer chamber for project design and construction, provides all kinds of services for supervision of the installation and repairs for all kind of lifts and escalators. Quality control, fully protects the interests of investors and guarantee the implementation and fulfilment of technical standards and legal regulations.