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About us

“ELEVATOR” is a privately held company registered in the project design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of elevators, escalators, moving walkways, lifts, cranes and other equipment for horizontal, inclined and vertical transport of persons and cargo. The company was founded at 26.02.2002. the company has qualified staff in an employment relationship and the necessary equipment.

Professional staff of "elevator doo" is ready to give help investors at any time in the selection of optimal solution, in accordance with the technical standards and legal regulations, with the best price-quality ratio. Graduate mechanical and electrical engineers are licensed by serbian engineer chamber for project design and construction of transport equipment. Highly professional staff have decades of experience in the cranes (MIN-Niš) and elevators programme (Eurolift).

The company have (fulltime employed) qualified and leading lift installers with years of experience in the installation of lifts and revitalization.

“ELEVATOR” on the territory of serbia represents one of the most famous manufacturers of hydraulic equipment of the elevator, "Bucher Hydraulcs" (Beringer) from Switzerland, we are business partner and certified installer with "Schindler" doo Belgrade, "Kleemann lifts" - Serbia, "Sele" - Italy, and we have excellent business contacts with other European manufacturers of elevators, the elevator equipment, platforms and escalators.

Elevator has continued cooperation with high educational and scientific institutions and centers, as well as contracts on business and technical cooperation, namely:

  • Agreement on business and technical cooperation with Faculty of Electronic Engineering - Nis
  • Agreement on business and technical cooperation with Mechanical Engineering Faculty – Nis
  • Agreement on business and technical cooperation with „Bucher Hydraulics“ – Switzerland
  • Agreement on business and technical cooperation with „Schindler” Belgrade